Our natural skincare is based on food-grade ingredients without chemicals and synthetics. We developed these products for our personal use after doing research on the many ingredients found in skincare and personal care products that are potentially harmful.


super serum

This is a highly concentrated serum made from food-grade ingredients that is packed with potent antioxidants. It harnesses the skin tightening power of a special seaweed extract we make from a seaweed no one else uses for skincare that has the highest concentration of nutrients. It also contains a green tea extract we make ourselves along with a selection of seed and nut botanical oils that are so good for your skin. It also has marigold extract that filters blue light, that is emitted from cell phones, tablets and flat panel TV screens, and is more harmful than UVA and UVB rays.

Our serum is fast absorbing, though it leaves a very fine protective layer on your skin, shielding it from environmental toxins and maintaining proper pH balance and moisture. There is a mild tightening sensation when you apply it due to the amazing toning abilities of the seaweed, though after a week of use you will get used to this.

We spent a tremendous amount of time developing a moisturizer that protects, heals and preserves your skin without the synthetic, dangerous chemicals big brands use, and without tons of preservatives. It also is 100 percent nanotechnology free. Most high end skincare utilizes nanotechnology and the tiny molecules go so deep into your body they can enter the blood and your DNA. There is great controversy about these chemicals getting so deep into the body and there is very little regulation from the government about this.

Since we own a food business we approached skincare no different than making food. All the ingredients are food based and unlike other skincare ours comes with an expiration date - which means it is a fresh product and should be treated no different than fresh food.

Our motto is every ingredient should be food based and edible. Our skin in our largest organ and absorbs what it comes into contact with. Most skincare is full of cheap, questionable and potentially dangerous ingredients that are not food grade. If you care about what you eat, you should be equally careful what you put on your skin.

We package all our products in small containers so with regular use, they will run out before the expiration date. The serum is good for 3 months from the time your receive it.

The serum needs to be stored in the refrigerator once you receive it.

Read the label and ingredients.

1 oz bottle of super serum $65. Free shipping.


lightly moisturizing toner

If you have oily skin this is a good solution. It is an aloe, neroli, seaweed and green tea based solution with a very small percentage of fast absorbing moisturizing oils, and a little sake in it. It also contains marigold extract to filter blue light. Once you put it on your face you will experience a wonderful cooling effect and then within seconds your skin will absorb everything. You will not feel any greasy residue and the seaweed extract tightens and tones your skin. I generally apply this in the morning and then the serum at night since I have oily skin.

This product needs to be refrigerated once you receive it.

Read the label and ingredients.

1 oz jar toner $40. Free shipping.


restorative hand cream

We wash our hands a lot, so we needed to develop a hand cream that would keep our hands moisturized. We do not like using commercial hand creams due to all the chemicals and preservatives in them, so we kept things super basic. The key is a blend of food-based oils that absorb quickly and yet have healing qualities. We also use beeswax from a local SF Bay beekeeper we know. Beeswax has amazing moisturizing properties. This is a very rich cream so a little goes a long way. We apply a very small amount in the morning before work, but at night we add more to our hands and arms right before we go to sleep. When you wake up your skin will be soft and nourished.

The hand cream does not need to be refrigerated and has a shelf life of 6 months after you receive it.

Read the label and ingredients.

2 oz jar hand cream $40. Free shipping.


seaweed + green tea mask


This mask is different than others on the market because it is not loaded with fillers and chemicals. Most masks are super thick and full of bad stuff which if you think about it aren't necessary since just a thin layer contacts your skin, and why on earth would you want all those toxic chemicals soaking into your face.

To make this we take our unique, nutrient rich seaweed and two kinds of green tea and blend them with aloe vera, SF bay honey and super anti-oxidant rich botanical oils. We even made a version in our testing with CBD extract which is also super good for your skin, but we put that on the back burner for now.

We like to use this a few times a week. It goes on in a thin layer and then dries after a minute. We recommend wearing it for at least an hour when you are at home. When you wash it off your skin will feel smooth and refreshed. The tiny bits of seaweed and tea leaves exfoliates your skin when you wash it off.

This product requires refrigeration once you receive it and is good for 3 months.

Read the label and ingredients.

2 oz jar mask $40. Free shipping.