Since 2002 the two of us have produced our Blenheim apricot jam in extremely limited quantities from one very old, organic backyard tree in California’s Santa Clara Valley as gifts for our friends and family. After a mention in Food & Wine magazine, who said it was the best jam they ever tasted, and more requests than our single tree could accomodate, we began looking around for an orchard we could buy more Blenheims from.

apricots freshly picked from our tree

This is when we learned this variety of apricot is endangered. We now produce our apricot jam from one of the last remaining Blenheim orchards in the valley. This variety of apricot is the finest tasting in the world, and combined with our special canning process and recipe yields a unique jam that has developed a cult following. People who normally hate apricot jam have become addicted. People who are on diets have been reported to eat an entire jar in one day.

We have also started selling other products we have made for years that friends and family are equally crazy about, such as our bbq sauce, plum jams, kumquat marmalade and other small batch stuff that can all be purchased or requested if we are sold out at our online shop.