Crazy for Herbcraft

2012 April 6
by welovejam

We fell in love with all things Taylor & Ng many years ago after discovering their wonderful animal mugs. We started scouring Ebay for their other items no longer made such as trivets, pans, bacon presses etc. The mugs you can buy at their site above.

Spaulding Taylor and Win Ng were two San Francisco artists who founded the company in 1965 and it evolved into a store selling all types of products they designed or imported. We are trying to get more information on this seminal San Francisco company that still is in business selling a few products online, but the store closed in the 1980s.

They produced a series of books in the mid 1970s. Herbcraft, our favorite, is illustrated by Ng and written by Violet Schafer.


Other books they did include Wokcraft, Teacraft, Breadcraft and Coffee. Herbcraft has the most amazing illustrations by Ng and Schafer digs up the most fascinating history on the 26 herbs they highlight. The book includes recipes for a number of breads and crackers we have yet to try, but the cottage cheese herb bread sounds yummy. Schafer did a number of books with a Charles Schafter. We would love to know more about them; there is absolutely no information about them online.

Grab yourself a copy at any online used bookseller. They are pretty cheap and totally worth having in your library. We are excited to start growing borage just because of this book. The idea of candying the flowers sounds fantastic!

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