Could this be the best cola?

2015 May 19
by welovejam

q kola

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. I really do not like soda of any kind. This probably has to do with the fact as a kid, my brother and I were banned from drinking it. We were only allowed to have soda in the house twice a year when we had our birthday parties. Pizza, soda and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins (all strictly taboo food items in the Haeberli household) was definitely a big birthday deal and the forbidden nature of this junk food got the two of us so excited.

Not growing up drinking soda means I never really developed a taste for it. I also knew it was full of sugar and bad for you. This was reinforced about 16 years ago when I purchased my first house and ran into an electrical problem during its restoration. There was a long 15 foot pipe embedded in the concrete foundation of my living room that carried the wire for a floor outlet that wasn’t working. Somehow the wire was bad and was corroded so my electrician couldn’t pull it out. However, the electrician didn’t seem concerned at all.

“I will tell you an old electrician’s trick,” he told me. “Buy a can of coke, pour it into the pipe and let it sit a week. When I come back, the wire will pull right out and I can run a new wire in its place.”

Skeptical, I followed his directions, and a week later when he showed up, I was simply amazed when he pulled the wire out as if the pipe were lined with butter.

“That’s incredible!” I exclaimed as he held the rusted wire.

“Makes you think twice about drinking coke,” he laughed.

About a month ago someone gave me as a present a bottle of natural ginger soda made by Q Drinks.. I was a little apprehensive because I had purchased their tonic water, their first product, and was very disappointed. I absolutely love gin and tonics. It is the quintessential summer drink, and here in San Francisco when it is normally cold and foggy, on the rare days when it is almost summer temperatures, I naturally crave a G&T. The Q tonic was billed as less sweet and more natural. However, the flavor was way off from what I was used to. My G&T was so bad I tossed it down the drain and had to run out and get my Schweppes tonic water. It was a near traumatic experience.

The ginger soda sat in the fridge for months until my boyfriend drank it and said it was amazing. Fortified by this, we purchased a four pack of their kola and wow it blew our minds. The flavor is perfectly balanced, it tastes clean as it should be since it is completely natural and uses real kola nut. The second best thing is it only has 80 calories per bottle, but you would never know it. Could this possibly be the best cola out there? For now I think it is until I find something better. Heck, I might even drink more than one bottle a year.

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