Delicious Scents

2015 May 19
by welovejam

pf candle co

I have always had a very sensitive nose. Sometimes it has benefited me, such as the time the back seat of my car caught fire, and I smelled the smoke before anyone else in the car (yes even those in the back seat!)

I hate to say it, but this was when I was 19 and it was actually a joint someone threw out the front window that blew into the open back window and miraculously lodged into a tiny opening no thicker than a pencil between the back seat. That chance of that happening must have been on in a billion. Given it was a 1964 Buick Rivera, and the seats actually were stuffed with some dried natural grass substance, the entire thing erupted into flames. But, due to my amazing nose, I pulled quickly into a 7-Eleven just before the car burst into flames. Given the state my friends were in, when I yelled for them to get water, as I tried to beat the flames with the shirt I tore off, after an unusually long wait, they all returned with big gulps! Needless to say, the fire took about 10 big gulps to finally die, and the sticky aftermath took hours of cleaning. Why none of them told the cashier they needed water to put out a flaming Buick, and paid for all that soda, is beyond me.

Other times my nose can be a problem, such as when I am trapped in a small space with someone wearing too much fragrance or who doesn’t like to bathe. I will never forget being trapped in an elevator that got stuck for over an hour with a very sweaty man who obviously did not use deodorant. Words cannot express how difficult it was to be civil – and yet I was!

So when it comes to fragrances I am very picky. And candles – they really bother me. The scents used are so powerful and unpleasant. I never met a candle that I liked until happened upon a cute little brown glass jar with a gold lid – that looked sort of like the jars we put our jam in.

It is called Amber and Moss. The manufacturer is P.F. Candle Co.. It is supposed to evoke the woods, and has a wonderfully complex scent I just cannot analyze. If they made a soap that had the same scent I would be in heaven. I even emailed them a few years ago and they said there were no plans on soap. They seemed mystified I would want to smell like a damp forest floor. I guess I am crazy. Who knows. But they make many other candles, so go on their website to see where you can visit shops and smell for yourself, or just take a chance and buy straight from their site.

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